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Dreamweaver CS4 Portfolio

This is my Dreamweaver CS4 Portfolio with the theme “out of this world”, inspired by an amazing photo of a sunset on Mars from the NASA Image of the Day Gallery . This portfolio theme will tie into the final project by using more NASA photos.

I remember when President John F. Kennedy told the world that America would “choose to go to the moon” in 1962, and we did just that in less than one decade. It seems almost trivial in this day and age, but that was before hand held calculators and personal computers. Today's smart phones have more memory and computing power than the Apollo 11 onboard computers that enabled our astronauts to go to the moon and back, over 40 years ago.

Watch Commander Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the moon, as he was being broadcast on live TV, July 20, 1969. I remember seeing this black and white TV broadcast with Walter Cronkite, as it happened and have enjoyed all things about 'space' ever since. President Kennedy would have been amazed to see photos of a sunset on Mars, not to mention all the technological advances of the last 50 years.

Dreamweaver CS4 Projects

Project 02 - Heidi's bio: photos, lists, table, and hyperlinks

Project 03 - Layout 1: fixed layout, float, 2 images, xml feeds, embedded css
Project 03 - Layout 2: Example of a 'jello' layout, float, 2 images, embedded css

Project 04: vertical navigation, overhang, float, 2 images, screen and print css

Project 05 - Layout 1: basic Blueprint liquid layout showing grid
Project 05 - Layout 2: finished Blueprint liquid layout with navigation and CSS styling

Project 06 - Working with Spry Menu bar, collapsible tabs

FINAL Project - - a live web site

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